Nigerian lady dumped by fiance after taking him to Church counselors’ who advised him to marry their daughter instead

A Nigerian lady is most definitely regretting her decision to seek the services of church marriage after losing her fiancé to their daughter.

A Twitter user @oku_yungx shared the story on the micro-blogging platform, as he narrated how the counselors who are married, advised the young man to leave his fiancée.

The lady had taken her fiancé to the husband and wife for counseling and they had some sessions both individually and collectively.

During the man’s private sessions, they advised him to leave his fiancée for undisclosed reasons. That was how he dumped her and they introduced him to their daughter who he eventually tied the knot with in Abuja.

The post reads; ”A lady took her fiancé to see the Church’s counselors (Husband & Wife in charge). Both ran a couple of session together / individually with them.

Long story short, the man and wife convinced her fiancé not to marry her with some reasons only to impose their daughter on Him. Ladies and gentlemen, the dude left his fiancée and got married to their daughter in Abuja. This world is a dark place to be. Y’all be careful out there. The END!”

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