This comes after she was dragged to court and subsequently jailed sharing a naked photo of herself and her son.

She spent some days of the total 90 days she was given to spend in jail before her jail term was replaced with a fine.

Speaking in a recent interview with Stacy Amoateng on Restoration, she shared some insights into some changes she has made since returning from jail.

In her submission, she said;

“I don’t sleep in a room again with my son. Earlier, I used to sleep on the same bed with him and even bath with him but now, I have arranged the visiting room for him so that he can sleep there alone and prevent us from seeing each other’s nakedness.

I have learned a lot of lessons because initially, I didn’t know that some things could lead me into trouble; I have learnt to even forgive when someone steps on my toes. I can see that we are now in a modern world and a lot of things have changed and so I say that I’m glad it happened because I wouldn’t have known that all I’m doing isn’t right.”