Check Out What Happens In Your Body If You Drink Olive Oil Everyday

Many people believe that drinking olive oil everyday have a lot of benefits for the body. Although some of the benefits they claim are not supported by science, there are lots of benefits that could be derived from drinking olive oil everyday.



1. May support heart health.

Olive Oil is good for the heart. It contains mono unsaturated fats, oleic acid which is very good for the heart. According to scientists, extra virgin olive oil is the best cooking oil for our health.

2. May help relieve constipation.

Olive oil is good for digestive health. It may help to relieve constipation by making stool very soft.

3. May prevent inflammation.

Olive Oil contains antiinflammatory compounds which may help to prevent inflammation in the body.

4. May help you meet the recommended daily intake of healthy fats.

Drinking olive oil is a way of meeting up with the recommended daily intake of unsaturated fats. Healthy fats helps the body to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol ( LDL) and triglycerides levels.

5. May help reduce blood sugar level.

According to health line, a study with 25 healthy adults shows that eating food cooked with olive oil caused a 22 percent reduction in blood sugar level two hours after meal.

6. May help to improve bone density

According to health line, a study with 523 women shows that consuming 20 ml of olive oil daily resulted in significant bone density compared with those who take less.

Possible side effects.

Drinking olive oil may add to your calories intake.

If you are controlling the amount of calories you consume, drinking olive may add to the quantity of calories you consume.

May lead to weight gain

Drinking olive oil may lead to excessive consumption of olive oil which may increases the amount of calories you consume and so lead to weight gain.

Olive Oil provides more benefits when consumed with food because some fat soluble vitamins containing foods go well with it.


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