5 Foods You Should Never Eat Immediately After Intercourse



The food we eat today can either improve our health or cause danger to us, especially immediately after sexual intercourse. sexual intercourse also called coitus or copulation, reproductive act in which the male reproductive organ in humans and other higher animals enters the female reproductive tract. In the human male, the male organ serves both excretory and reproductive functions. However, in this article, I will be enlightening you on what you should avoid consuming immediately after sexual intercourse.


Alcohol is a big NO after sex because it is high on stimulants that further slow down the metabolism and might lead to irritation, weakness, and dizziness.




According to experts, eating refined flour along with cheese might disturb your body after an intense session. It is suggested to avoid fast foods like pizza because right after the session, the blood circulation is very high and it becomes a tricky situation for the intestine to digest heavy foods like pizza.




Chips are refined, fried, and have high levels of sodium that might excite you after sex but it is something that one should avoid right after an intense session.




Coffee and tea both have caffeine and drinking either after sex will keep you awake and disturb the sleep-inducing hormones. It is indicated to sleep or take a power nap after the session to calm the body and mind.




As much as possible, try to avoid egg yolk, as it is high in fat and cholesterol, and eating it right after sex might create uneasiness and restlessness in the body.


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