4 Household Chores Pregnant Women Should Avoid For Safety Purposes

Pregnancy is a very delicate stage which women shouldn’t take with levity so they could have a safe moment during labor. Meanwhile, pregnant women are advised to keep their bodies exercised for vitality but should not go far as doing strenuous tasks. However, some tasks I’ll be listing below should be avoided by pregnant women.

1. Mopping/ Washing Clothes


Mopping the floor and washing clothes should be avoided by pregnant women. This is because this task lets a pregnant woman bend her lower belly which is dangerous because of the weight gain she must have gotten while pregnant. This would cause discomfort to the unborn child while stressing the sciatic nerve; a nerve that runs from the lower back to the leg.

2. Climbing Tasks


Believe me, women should stay away from any tasks that permit them to climb on objects such as tables, ladders, and chairs to avoid falling off and injuring themselves and causing a sharp shift in the position of the baby which may also cause premature labor.

3. Carrying Heavy Objects


Carrying heavy objects during pregnancy is not advisable for women this is because the female ligaments loosen and the bones get weakened for the time being. However, as the belly increases in weight more pressure is placed on the lower back making it strenuous for lifting or carrying anything heavy.

4. Using Chemical Cleaning Products


Chemical products used while cleaning homes contain a very high number of harmful substances such as piperonlyn butoxide designed to annihilate rodents, cockroaches, ants, and others. However, inhaling such an awful smell can bring about upset to a pregnant woman and also cause fetal brain development.

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