3 Things You Should Do As A Pregnant Woman To Avoid Birth Defects



Pregnancy is one of the most difficult stages in the life of any woman. It marks the beginning of a new phase and stage in life and it can also cause some very serious problems if not taken seriously. Some women experience birth defects due to carelessness along the line while others due to not being informed about the necessities.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some of the things you should do as a pregnant woman to avoid birth defects. If you are a pregnant woman and you don’t want to have birth defects or problems that would affect your baby, taking the information going to be discussed in the piece seriously would certainly be of help. Just sit tight and learn something new from this article.

What Are The Things You Should Do As. Pregnant Woman?

1. Always Take Folic Acid Everyday; this is one of the things you should endeavour to do as a pregnant woman. Reason being that the body requires foliate to a very good extent as this helps in preventing birth defects in babies such as spinal bifida and many other defects.

2. Never Take Alcohol Excessively; this is one of the harmful substances that should never be taken excessively during pregnancy. If it is possible, you should even avoid taking alcoholic drinks till you are done with childbearing as it can cause birth defects if taken excessively during pregnancy.

3. Keep Diabetes Under Control; one way of ensuring that you don’t have birth defects is ensuring you keep diabetes under control. Gestational diabetes if not managed can cause birth defects, so it is very important that you do everything within your power to maintain or manage your blood sugar level at this delicate stage.

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