Why Manchester United Players Are Having Problems With Cristiano Ronaldo

According to sources, the Manchester United locker room is currently in disarray. There are cliques among the players, and the environment is tight.



It appears to have occurred before to Ralf Rangnick’s arrival at the club. During Ole Gunnar Solskjr’s tenure, he attempted but failed to manage the team’s large egos.



Manchester United is the most valuable club in the Premier League right now. This means they have a lot of costly players, which means they have a lot of egos.



The Red Devils have become a shadow of their former selves, and they attempted to get Cristiano Ronaldo to help them win again. However, the club’s situation has deteriorated as a result of Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival.



There was some tension in the dressing room during Solskjr’s tenure because the team was producing poor results and players lost faith in the manager. When Ronaldo arrived, it just added to Solskjr’s pressure, and they continued to produce terrible results. He was eventually fired.



The same is true for Ralf Rangnick’s Manchester United. Although their results have slightly improved, they continue to deliver awful performances, and people are once again blaming the management.



The players are criticizing their own teammate rather than Ralf Rangnick. There was a rumor that Cristiano Ronaldo arranged a meal for all Manchester United players, but only a few attended.



The reason why they are not thrilled with Ronaldo is clear on the pitch. Ronaldo prefers to stay higher on the field while his teammates do all of the pressuring and strive to get the ball.



Cristiano Ronaldo has also been observed criticizing his teammates and the management for their tactical decisions. It’s easy to see why the players see him as a villain rather than the hero he’s always been depicted as.



Cristiano Ronaldo is a major figure in football, and the fact that he is surrounded by other players with enormous egos doesn’t help. It is difficult for Ronaldo since no one wants to name him as the team’s top player; some players would rather shoot than pass to Ronaldo.



The only way for the club to progress is for these players to let go of their egos. A club can only be successful if its members work together as a unit.

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