The Secret Reason Why Prince Philip Was Not Buried But His Body Kept In The Royal Vault

On the 9th of April the year 2021, the world woke up to the shocking news of the tragic death of Prince Phillip. The news shocked the whole world since it was unexpected and nothing really showed that the man was about to die. He was at a very ripe age of 99 years and as some have put it, he had actually accomplished all that needed to be accomplished in his lifetime.

He left behind his loving wife of 73 years Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. For couples of her calibre, they had celebrated both their silver, Gilbert and the sapphire jubilee which is a very rare thing especially in the modern world and modern times.

Due to strict adherence of the covid19 protocol, the funeral service was attended by only a few members of the royal family together with a few invited guests. Many are also aware of the fact that his body was privately interred in the Royal vault of the Saint George’s Chapel. 

What many people do not know however is that the St. George’s Chapel is not the final resting place for Prince George’s body because it will have to be transferred sometime later to the official burial site.


( The above photo is that of the royal Vault and how it looked many years and how it looks now)

The royal Vault was built in the the years 1810 and many of the Kings including George III. Prince Margaret, King George III wife was also buried in the Royal vault. Others include Princess Amelia, Queen Charlotte.


Why the prince had to be kept in the royal Vault

Instead of being buried in the Royal burial ground that is found in Frogmore Estate, Prince Philip’s body was kept at the St. George’s Chapel.

The royal Vault is a place where body is just kept awaiting the finally burial. The body of Prince Phillip will only be transferred to the final place of burial after his wife of many years Queen Elizabeth ii dies. It is after the death of the queen that Philip’s body will be taken and buried alongside that of his wife at the official burial graveyard for the royals.



(the above photo is that of the royal vault where prince Phillip was buried and how it looks like presently)

The Frogmore burial graveyard is the final resting place for every member of the royal family. King George VI was buried here finally.

As a royal custom, the body of husband and the wife must be buried near each other and clearly marked with their names and will remain as monuments for many years to come.



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