Man comes down from his expensive car and cries as he sees kids hawking (Video)

A young man became emotional when he saw little children hawking along an isolated road.

A video shared by @ssussjamofficial shows the man shedding tears because they reminded him of his humble beginning.

The man came down from his vehicle crying as he went to each one of them. At a point, he could not handle the rush of emotions anymore. The man had to go back to his vehicle.

Watch video HERE

The video has sparked emotional reactions from netizens.

callmedeniseiwillanswer said: Poor kids cover them lord from harm and danger.

melissa.merchant.7965; I have goosebumps watching this..The Struggle is real.

nellie_di_don; Poor babies selling onions to get by, heartbreaking.

davis.karenca said: I hope he Blessed them buying some of the produce.

sellahjabritican69; Give them a 6 Months fee to take them off those Deadly roads & go to school.

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