For Ladies: 8 Ways To Get Rid Of Visible Panty Lines

Visible panty lines have embarrassed many ladies over the years; however, some ladies intentionally make their panty lines visible for reasons best known to them.

In this article, we shall be looking at eight ways ladies out there can prevent visible panty lines in their outfits.

1. To prevent visible panty lines, always go for thick or highly textured fabrics such as pants, skirts, gowns etc.


It is undoubtedly true that most ladies love the silky, slinky and well-fitted outfits, such outfits are good at making your panty lines more visible than expected.

Therefore, to avoid having your panty lines being visible, you have to stay off outfits made with such materials.

2. Camouflage outfits with prints are another way to prevent visible panty lines. The more the prints on your outfit, the better it will help in hiding your visible panty lines.

3. It is rather sad that most ladies wear their outfit directly on their pants, this can hardly hide your visible panty lines. It is advisable to wear a layered tight or pantyhose over your underwear to help hide visible panty lines.



4. Go old-school by trying the slip. You can run both skirts and slip through a wire hanger before putting them on to avoid annoying static electricity that will foster panty lines more visibility.
5. Do not underrate yourself, you can use what professionals use to hide visible panty lines. We all know that professional fashionistas use thongs and G-strings exclusively instead of the conventional panties.

These thongs and G-strings might not be comfortable for you as a starter, but it goes a long way in eliminating visible panty lines.



6. You can rock your silky and slinky outfits if you stick to the thongs. Thongs remain your best opinion to rock almost every outfit of your choice and avoid visible panty lines.

7. As a lady, it is important you know all the options available in helping you get rid of visible panty lines.

Another option to get rid of visible panty lines is to opt for the boyshorts. Boyshorts go directly under the curve of your butt instead of cutting across it, it is one of the best substitutes for panties.

8. Depending on the event, you can decide to go commando to get rid of visible panty lines. Going commando will ease you of the stress of taking note of visible panty lines.

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