Steve Thompson, the former husband of Sandra Iheuwa, one of Ubi Franklin’s children’s moms, has revealed why his five-month marriage to Sandra failed.

Steve claims he spent 45 million Naira on Sandra’s wedding only to find out she “married for social media, not the home.”

According to him, Sandra battles everyone, even his family members, and reminds him that she is an American and that he married her to earn a “Green Card.”

Sandra’s “too much use of social media,” he claims, has rendered his marriage unworkable.

He also stated that Sandra is not wife material. He went on to say that she threatened to destroy his reputation on blogs if he ended things.

He further claimed that “she keeps the whole place very untidy.”

Steve Thompson’s second marriage has ended in divorce, and he has stated that he will now concentrate on his career.

Sandra is about to give birth to the couple’s first child. Sandra also had children from previous relationships, including a daughter with Ubi Franklin.

Please see Steve’s comment below.

In other news, Sandra Iheuwa, a businesswoman, caused a sensation online a few days ago when she deleted her four-month-old husband, Steve Thompson’s surname off her social media handle. She also took the phrase “married to a boss” off of her bio.

After removing their images from one other’s Instagram pages, the pair also unfollowed each other.

Many people were taken aback by this, considering their four-month-old marriage was set to end in August 2021.

Sandra moved out of their married house in Osapa-London in Lagos state last week, according to a source close to the marriage, over her husband’s alleged regular act of infidelity, which is generally unprotected. According to the source, the couple had a fight even after they returned from their honeymoon because she felt he was cheating on her because he was continually sneaking to take phone calls, something he never did as they were dating.

Mr. Thompson even slept in a hotel for two nights the week after they returned from their honeymoon, according to the source.

Sandra tried to persuade him to quit cheating on her, according to the source, but he persisted. Last week, she became enraged and evicted them from their home. According to the source, family members are currently attempting to work out their disagreements because Mr. Thompson shows no remorse for his conduct.

Mr. Thompson’s account has been deleted for the time being. Sandra is rumored to be chilling somewhere, and no one knows if she will return to the marriage. This is Mr Thompson’s third marriage and Sandra’s second.