A couple caused a stir on Facebook after posting this pictures.

Love is a beautiful thing and it must be celebrated, a young man who is 22 years of age caused a huge stir on social media after it was revealed that he is dating a 71 years old woman. And this two seems to a happy couple because he proposed to marry her and she said yes.

Most of the people came out on Facebook and congratulate them on their engagement, although some are sharing all kind on different reactions.


“that Benz won’t buy itself” this are one of the comments that people are sharing. Most of the comments are based on the face that this boy might be after her money.

In dating industry age hole is continually the main purpose, an vintage guy who dates a whole lot young female is continually applauded while younger man courting older really considered as an shame. still, current research indicates that a rising number of more youthful men are seeking older women and vice versa. working example?

One survey determined that 81% of girls are open to relationship a person 10 years younger than they are, and nearly ninety% of guys are interested in courting someone 10 years older. Older lady virtually attractive to younger men because of properly bodily body condition and herbal in shape for lifestyle.

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