7 Parts Of Your Body You Shouldn’t Touch With Your Hands

Our hands play a major role in the transmission of germs. Even after you wash them properly with soap or handwash, they are quickly re-contaminated, especially if you haven’t cut your nails. And as a result, touching sensitive parts of your body could lead to infection.


Here are some body parts you should avoid touching with your hands.

1. Your Face

You can use your hands to wash your face or apply skincare products, aside that, keep your hands away. When you rest your hands on a surface with germs and then use it to touch your face, it increases your likelihood of getting sick and breaking out too.


2. Your Ear Canal

We do have the habit of vigorously reaching into our ear canal, especially during itching or after a bath. The delicate thin skin in the ear canal can be severely damaged due to this. Since our hands are the first breeding grounds for most of the diseases, it is best to keep them off your ears.



3. Your Eyes

Eyes are the most delicate part of the body and should be handled with care. Unless you’re putting in contact lenses or washing away a particle which has found its way into your eye, you should avoid touching your eyes. Germs which get into your eyes can cause anything from pinkeye to a scarier infection.


4. Your Mouth

As is mentioned, since our hands carry most of the disease-causing germs, putting them in your mouth is a big no. Even if your hands are clean, do not put them in your mouth.


5. Your Nostrils

Yes, you can touch your nose, but don’t stick your fingers inside of your nose. In your nasal cavity, there are healthy bacteria but when you put your fingers there, you bring other different stuff that can harm your health. If you really have to clean your nose, use a clean handkerchief to do it.


6. Your Butt

Your butt contains bacteria that could be very harmful, so when not wiping it, avoid touching it by all means possible, and after wiping make sure you wash your hands thoroughly.

7. The Skin under Your Nails

Studies show that there is at least twice as much bacteria under your fingernails as there is on any other part of your hand. This is because it’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria that normal handwashing with soap can’t really reach. So, in order to reduce the chances of you rearing bacteria under your fingers, make sure you keep them short always.

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