Young lady takes her grandma on breakfast, ice cream date and on a shopping spree

A South African lady identified on Twitter as @____cand_y, has taken her grandmother out to pamper her with the good things of life which she deserves.

The pretty young woman and her 82-year-old grandma went on a breakfast date, after which they both got ice cream.

She shared photos from the outing which also involved a shopping spree at a boutique, where she the elderly woman got clothes and shoes.

According to the granddaughter, she decided to be taking the granny out to celebrate her for raising her dad, and they relive the experience as frequently as they get a chance to do so.

”Had a breakfast, shopping and ice cream date with my grandmother today.

Thank you so much guys for the love. We do this every chance we get. She raised me one man and I appreciate her so much.. now it’s my turn to take care of her,” the young lady wrote.

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