See What Foreigners Allegedly Do to Milk Before Selling It In Their Shops

Every day, we see posts on social media warning us not to shop at foreign-owned stores because the items they sell are often counterfeit and dangerous to our health.If you check well, it’s very rare to find a foreigner eating products from their own shop.


They sell food, but you will still find them at other approved supermarkets. This alone should tell us that there’s something fishy about their products. They can’t be selling food while taking their money and buying somewhere else while they are selling the same food.



If you can remember well, a few weeks ago there was a trending video of a foreign shop owner who we caught selling rotten and expired stuff. Prior to that, there was a video of foreigners manufacturing fake panado in their backyard. This video raised awareness of how foreigners are cruel and careless about our health. That is why they don’t eat the food they sell in their shops.





Following all that, there’s another photo of a foreign businessman that’s causing a stir on social media. In the photo, a Pakistan man can be seen diluting milk before packing it for sale, according to the thread in the comments, this is how foreigners operate, they add water in milk so that in can be more and they generate more profit. Other than the fact that he’s diluting milk, many people were very surprised after they noticed that the environment that he’s working in is very dirty and there are also animals in the background. See the photo below:


Many people were very shocked after seeing this. Some even attested that all along they’ve been asking themselves why the milk they buy at local foreign-owned shops doesn’t taste the same as the ones from certified shops. This photo caused a lot of anger for Mzanzi. See some of the comments from tweeters below:








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