2 notable things that happened before Buhari granted Channels TV an exclusive interview with him

Yesterday, 5th January 2022, the President of the Federation, Muhammadu Buhari, granted yet another exclusive interview with Channels TV. The interview, without a doubt, was a much-awaited one as Nigerians have been longing to hear from Mr. President for a long time on issues bordering security, economy, corruption, electoral bill, among others.



While welcoming viewers before the commencement of the interview, the Channels TV hosts, Seun Okinbaloye and Mawope Ogun Yusuf made mention of two vital things that happened before Mr. President agreed to have an exclusive interview with them. Although one of the hosts, Mawope Ogun Yusuf, stated that the President had made it known that his choice of communication with Nigerians is not through interviews and one could count how many sit-downs he has had in the last seven years of his eight years tenure, Mr. President still turned out well for last night’s interview. So, what were the two things that happened before the interview could be granted?


1. Questions were sent beforehand.

Seun Okinbaloye, one of the hosts, while addressing viewers made it clear that questions were sent to Mr. President for rehearsals before the interview could be granted. With this, the President would be able to rehearse answers and pick out the questions that he does not wish to give answers to.

2. Extension in time.

Also, one of the things that happened before the interview was the moderation of the time that would be spent with Mr. President. Unlike the usual 30 minutes, yesterday’s interview with Mr. President ran for 40 minutes which means that another 10 minutes was added.


During the interview, the President made it known that his choice of candidate for the 2023 presidential election would be kept secret because if he decides to mention his name, he might be eliminated.

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