Man who was seen bathing women at his church finally speaks, confirms he is an actor not a pastor



A viral video of a man said to be a pastor left people in shock. After believing that the man bathing his church members is actually a pastor. Until he decided to come forward and clear the air that he is actually not a pastor but an actor. Man revealed secret people never thought will ever come out before he speaks for himself.

According to his response after a shared video, man named Aniefiok Udoabasi explained on Facebook, that he is actually an actor and the video that circulated on social media was just acting not a real service. He stated that he is an entertainer and goes by his stage name pastor Blinks he said, I am not a pastor.


Man went deeper and said he is not claiming to be a pastor. He doesn’t own a church. However his job is to be an entertainer, to make skits and short films about Church and things that will generate clicks. Before speaking people thought the act was real and majority lost hope on churches that are opening daily.

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