If A Player Removes His Shirt After Scoring This Type Of Goal, He Won’t Be Given A Yellow Card

Players are always given a yellow card immediately after they score and celebrate by removing their shirts.



Many players like Mario Balotelli, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and even Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have been given yellow cards in some instances whee they were forced to remove their shirts after scoring for their respective teams. But there is a particular instance in which a player cannot receive a yellow card after he removes his shirt during a goal celebration.



Whenever the match is in penalty shootout and the player that scores the winning penalty removes his shirt in celebration of the victory, he won’t be given a yellow card. This is because a match has officially ended after the last and winning penalty that declares victory for a particular side. A good instance of this was when Cristiano Ronaldo scored the winning penalty in the 2016 UEFA Champions League final match against Atletico Madrid. When he scored the winning penalty, he ripped off his shirt in celebrations as his teammates surrounded him. The aftermath was that he wasn’t given a yellow card.

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