4 After Sex Habits Every Woman Should Adopt to Avoid Falling Sick


Being active after sex especially after an exceedingly long session can seem stressful. At that moment you just want to lay back, relax and enjoy the warm touch of your partner. Believe me that is not a healthy idea. so I will advice you to to always leave the bed after sex and perform these four simple acts below to ensure you remain healthy.


Wash your hands.

This hygienic act is very necessary after sex. It should be the first thing you do. During sex, your hands move freely to unimaginable places on the man’s body. As a result you end up picking bacteria unique to such places.

To avoid infecting yourself as well as contaminating other objects in the house, always wash your hands with soap and water immediately after sex. This will help get rid of these bacteria you picked up.


Drink Water.

After such rigorous activity your body should need water due to exhaustion. Always hydrate yourself. This will help in cooling down your temperature, lubricating your joints, relaxing your tensed muscle and eliminating the dryness in your mouth.

Taking adequate water after a rigorous activity will protect you from back pain, muscle tension, body pain, migraines as well as ensure an optimal running of the kidneys.


Always Urinate.

Urinating after sex will help in getting rid of the bacteria that have found their way from the anal region to the v-jay area. This habit might seem like nothing but believe me it will go a long way in protecting you from Urinary Tract Infections.

In order to get rid of more bacteria, when drinking water take lots of it. This will make you pee more often as a result more bacteria will be flushed away from your body.

Clean the Vagina.

Never omit this activity after sex. Always clean the v-jay and its surroundings. Don’t forget that this cleaning has to be done from the front to the back. This is because starting from the back will only aid in moving bacteria from anal region to the v-jay and you wont want that.

When cleaning, it is recommended that you use wet wipes suitable for sensitive areas. It will effectively help you in getting rid of any v-jay discharge as well as remnants of semen around the area. This will leave you feeling clean and fresh.

Ladies take note of these habits and try as much as possible to adopt and maintain. They can go a long way in ensuring your safety as well as that of your partner.


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