This isn’t the first time Burna Boy and his boys are being called out over being violent at a night club but this time around they seem to have gone far by breaking a bottle on the forehead of this guy who didn’t ask for their trouble at the club.

According to the person who called out Burna Boy and his gang, the guy who is currently fighting for his life was on his own at the club having fun when Burna Boy and his boys broke a glass cup on his forehead and he’s now fighting for his life.

The person who called him out then threatened to take action against him if the victim survives the injury and pain afflicted on him then he will know that not everyone is Shatta Wale a=saying he sometimes forgets he’s a celebrity.

From the post of the person who called out Burna Boy the victim of this whole situation is fighting for his life and things aren’t looking good but Burna Boy and his team have left him to his fate and come to Ghana to continue the enjoyment and fight, they started over there.

screenshot below;