5 Reasons Why Rashidi Yekini is the Worst Nigerian Footballer of all Time

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the name Rashidi Yekini was on the lips of every Nigerian. He was the symbol of Nigerian football, home and abroad he shook the world. Little wonder till date his record as Nigeria’s top scorer of all time is yet to be broken .



A very good striker he was, he was essential in the super eagles successful Atlanta 94 world cup and also the nations cup the same year.

But are all these enough to overlook the class and beauty others like Okocha, KANU, Enyema and Tarigbo west all brought to Nigerian football.

As controversial as it may sound, I’m going going to be giving 5 reasons why Rashidi Yekini is one least greatest Nigerian Footballers of all time.



when compared to others, Yekini never really played for a top club in Europe. Though at Vitoria he was champion and praised by all, his skills and goalscoring ability can’t be denied but then, that was Vitoria.

His stats at Vitoria was a success as he scored over 80 goals but he never made it to the big leagues like other great Nigerian footballers did and also his Liberian counterpart, Gergo weah.



Outside Vitoria, his stay at other clubs wasn’t really a successful one.

He played for Olympiacos, Zurich and Sporting Gijon, but he struggled for playing time. At Olympiacos he made only 2 appearances.

Also at Sporting Gijon he managed only 14 appearances and 3 goals. Dose that mean he didn’t have the quality required by these teams??



Asides from being the African best player of the year, wining the 1994 Afcon, Yekini didn’t have much trouphies to show for his effort.

The common argument about wether football is about stats or game play might arise from this but then, if you’re not winning titles, why are you playing football?

Football is about winning and any real champion would focus on winning more than the aesthetics of the game.

Though he won the hearts of Nigerians, kanu, Okocha, Finding Gorge won the hearts of the world. Its not surprising that in the outside world these players are popular. Their exploits in Europe would forever be remembered in the hearts of their loyal fans.

Yekini would be remembered in Vitoria, he would be remembered in Nigeria. But despite all these reasons I’ve given, Yekini was a great player, but not great enough, compared to the flavour other Nigerians added to the game.


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