Reasons Why Actor Owolabi Ajasa Plays The Role Of Police Officer In Yoruba Movies



Most actors in the movie industry stereotyped some certain roles in acting, Many of them became popular and people know them for the certain roles in a movie. Owolabi Ajasa is an actor that depict roles of policemen in most movies.



Owolabi Ajasa is a Nigerian Nollywood actor that came into the limelight after producing the movie titled, Adanwo Olopa and since then, he has been producing interesting movies. Due to the policeman role he stereotyped, Many people call him a policeman because of his unique way of delivering his acting roles to the satisfaction of the audience.

The fact that Owolabi Ajasa features as a policeman in most Yoruba movies doesn’t mean he is a policeman. In an interview, he revealed his beardless face earned him the role of a policeman. He said;


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