A Girl Who’s Not Having Feelings For You Will Not Ask You These 4 Questions

Asking questions simply means wanting answers. And answers are the solutions or results to our quest and it brings about more knowledge.

Girls are always very inquisitive, time-consuming, and energy-draining when they want answers to what is bothering them. They will keep asking questions as long as they feel attached or close to you. It now balls down to you not to get worked out and tired of her. She’s only asking these questions just to be sure she’s safe and not falling in the wrong hands.

I’ll show us some questions she will begin to ask you when she has feelings for you.

1. She will ask about your financial status and what you’re doing to be financially stable or balanced.

This is a very significant question because if she doesn’t have feelings for you she would not care how you survive. When she began to ask you this, it simply means she is seeing greatness in you and wants you to become a better version of yourself. Because that way you’d be able to attend to her needs also. This is one of the questions she’ll ask when she’s concerned and has feelings for you.

2. What’s your impression of friends with benefits?

Hahaha. Relax man, don’t get it twisted, and if you get it twisted it is allowed. If she ever asks you this question it simply means there are chances that you both get laid. Yes, I have been there and I know this. So whenever you hear this question, as a sharp guy that you are, don’t lose guard. Act smart, who for her, she has feelings for you.

3. What is your take on mutual feelings?

Yeah, this is also another question she’ll ask you to be sure if you’re feeling the same way she’s feeling for you. When a feeling is mutual it means both parties are so much into one another. It means you both can only eat and drink when you’re together, it means you can only laugh real hard when you both are together. That’s how crazy this could mean.

4. When she asks about your family always.

Friends will only ask about your wellbeing, but a girl that is already having feelings for you will always ask after your sibling and parents. She will always want to be sure they are fine and she isn’t missing out on every information she needs before meeting with them if possible.

If you’ve any reservations, questions, or comments, please do well to use the comment box.

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