Lady reportedly dumps husband 10 hours after their wedding because he got drunk and assaulted her

A Nigerian Twitter user has taken to the micro-blogging platform to narrate how a newly wedded lady left her husband just hours after they got married.

According to the tweep simply known as Bright, revealed that the woman packed her bags and left her husband after he got hit her at their hotel.

Apparently he had gotten drunk during the wedding and when he went to the hotel with his bride, he laid his hand on her for some unknown reason.

This forced the lady to dump him and walk out without hesitation just 10 hours after their wedding.

The tweet reads; ”This lady I knew from work got married & left her husband not 10 hours after the ceremony!

Apparently, he got drunk at the wedding & on their arrival at the hotel they had booked, he hit her for some reason. She immediately picked up her bags & left.

Just like that o”


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