” He booked a room for me, left me to go get married and came back to continue where we left off “



A girl named Nonhly took to Twitter to tell her followers how the guy she loved broke her heart. She said they spent a day making love, went to get married, and came back to her after the wedding. This is what she said;

“He invited me on the 26th after Christmas booked a room for me, we made love and he told me he loves me and wants to be with me forever.

On the 27 he disappeared the whole day reason why is that he was getting married, he came back to the hotel and told me to get dressed and go to a party together. I just saw the wedding pictures today, I don’t know what to say or do, I’m just shuttered, I feel like in 2022 I just need to focus on me graduating I can’t breathe, I’m done.”This is what her followers had to say;

“It happens like that most of the time, the first day of the wedding the bride sleeps at home and is sent to the groom’s home the next day, while the groom’s entourage would have left immediately after the first day.” Said @Vuyani03.

“You were the bachelor party mistress, you know those people who are hired to entertain the groom before his wedding day.” Said @Scribez9.



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