Effects Of Drinking A Mixture Of Hot Water And Ginger When You Wake Up In The Morning

The harmattan season we’re currently enjoying has its ups and downs, among the downsides is the fact that we are more susceptible to catching a cold, cough and catarrh, most mornings you might experience a clogged nostril and not know how to get rid of it and get back your breathing comfort, and I bet this is so discomforting.

Well, there are different remedies out there to deal with these issues and locally I’ve used a mixture of ginger and hot water, I consume this every morning, as the issues seem intense in the morning. Well, ginger water which is often referred to as a mixture of ginger and water can be prepared using different methods, but to get a real blend of the ginger in the water, it is better to cut small pieces of ginger and put them into the water, then boil them together.

This method brings out the best of ginger in the water, its nutrients and flavour will be all over the place. From all that was said above, one thing is certain, ginger and hot water mixture is locally used (not scientifically proven) to get rid of cold, a clogged nostril, etc. That’s good but it isn’t the last of ginger water effects, there are more and you’d get to see them as you read on.

Some effects of ginger water include.

1. It may reduce inflammation.

Consuming ginger may help prevent and heal inflammation when they occur, inflammation can play roles in allergic reactions and ginger helps reduce such allergies. Also, muscle pain which can be caused by inflammation is taken out by ginger and ginger supplements when consumed after a workout. Workout is mostly done in the morning, and this will enable you to drink ginger water in the morning.

2. Relieves Nausea.

The feeling that you want to vomit or puke can be reduced by drinking ginger water, also the issue of ingestion which can be put alongside nausea is relieved by ginger, more studies are needed in this regard, but this is the status of things for now.

3. Reduces Cholesterol.

Heart diseases markers like bad cholesterol and triglycerides may be reduced by the consumption of ginger, in this case, it can be consumed as ginger water.

4. It has risk factors of heartburn, stomach pain, burning in the mouth, and gas. Even though ginger water has so many positive effects, it follows the pattern of advantages and disadvantages, so it should be consumed in moderate quantities, if you ask me I’d prefer you drink it in the morning.


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