How To Set Your Wife In The Mood Without Touching Her


A husband must make sure he understands what his woman wants before asking her for intimacy.


You can’t just call her and directly request intimacy; otherwise, she may conclude that her husband is selfish.

There are things you ought to do first that will make you appear romantic. A woman loves to feel cherished and not like a tool for satisfaction.


The power to make her feel special is in your words and actions. I won’t lie to you, even without touching her, you can set her in the mood.


What you need to do is try to remember if you have promised to do anything for her which you’ve not been able to do.

First, find a way to fulfill your promise. Maybe you’ve promised to buy something for her; make sure you buy it first.


Make sure that her mind is at peace with you. If you’ve recently said anything that changed her countenance or pissed her off, try to apologize to her first. 

You can send a love message to her before she comes home from the office. That will keep your mind focused on you till she gets home.

If she has ever asked you to tell her something that you’ve been hiding from her, let her know about it now.


Try to help her do some house chores that will allow her to relax. You can assist her by cooking the dinner or washing the dishes. 

When you are together, tell her a short story, maybe about what happened to you during the day.

After a while, she will tell you she’s feeling sleepy and wants to sleep. I know it’s a lie; she’s not feeling sleepy. She’s telling you indirectly that you should come.


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