” I Found these Pills On My Husband’s Bag, What Are They Used For?”

Today we get to talk more about the woman who has left social media buzzing after she publicly asked for the masses to give her more information about the pills she found on her husband’s bag. Lady by the name of “Dakalo Babie” posted on facebook and said ” Please keep me anymous. I found these pills on my husband’s bag. I was unpacking his bag so that I can wash it. What are they used for”?. These are pink like pills that have a letter written on them. She has been left her in confusion because she have no idea what this pills are used for.


Many people commented on her post shedding some light and giving her more information but the response she got from the public is not exactly what she was expecting for. Apparently these are ARV’s. It seems like her husband is HIV positive and unfortunately he never told her about such yet they continued to be intimate. It’s possible that he tested positive years ago and did not even show any signs to his wife. It also proved to the public that her husband is not really faithful to her as she had thought.He might have been cheating on her for a long time.


Masses are saying the lady should go to the hospital immediately and get tested to see if she is also not HIV positive. It will be helpful to get her status checked as soon as possible because it’s possible that they got intimate without using protection.This must be very painful for her probably because she never expected her husband to be unfaithful to her. It will not be easy for her after this. Share your views with us and follow for more news.


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