4 Nigerian Celebrities That Came To The Limelight Through Skits Making

Aside from acting in movies and singing, there are other ways talented individuals are making fame in the entertainment industry.

In the article, I will be sharing with you some famous musicians that came to the limelight through online comedy skits.



#1. Taaooma

Taaooma is one of the most talented comedians in the Nigerian entertainment industry. She became famous in the entertainment industry after her hilarious skits started gaining attention on Instagram and other social media platforms. The beautiful lady is known for playing several roles in her skits. Her works have made her work with famous Nigerian comedians like A.Y, Broda Shaggi, etc.



#2. Zicsaloma

Aloma Isaac Junior ventured into other sectors of the entertainment industry before he started making funny skits. The talented singer also participated in several music competition including Voice Nigeria. He came into the limelight for comedic videos he posts to Instagram and TikTok. Today is he one of the most followed Online comedians in Nigeria, he has worked with other comedians and Nollywood actresses like Destiny Etiko, and many others.



#3. Officer Woos

Officer Woos is another individual that came into the limelight through Online comedy skits. He has appeared in several skits where he worked alongside his colleague, Broda Shaggi.



#4. Ash Musy

Amarachi Amusi has created a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. She became famous in the entertainment industry after a good number of her skits got recognized online by internet users. The beautiful lady is known as “Ash Musy” and she has gained lots of followers on social media.



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