Medical Advice To Anyone Who Is Addicted To Masturbation



Do you know that there are certain tips that can help you do away with self gratification? When I was still a teenager, I was addicted or rather nearly addicted to this act but as someone who likes studying about the health and how to deal with many of our bodily experiences, I stumbled upon several tips on how to do away with this act.

So, in this article, we are going to have a look at some very important tips on how to quit this act even when you are addicted to it, from someone who has actually battled the problem for so long. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What You Should Understand About Self Gratification;

The first step towards dropping this ugly habit is by understanding what it is generally and also accepting yourself for who you are, accepting the fact that you are not a demon or an evil person for indulging in the act. This will help you with dropping the terrible habit. It is also important to know that, it is a normal stage of development that is somewhat normal as long as you are a human being and you have hormones running through your veins. Now below are some very important tips on how to quit this addiction;

1. Avoid Associating With Friends Who Also Indulge In This Act; if you really want to quit this act, you need to stop associating or cut association with friends who are always discussing or talking about women and sexually related things. This is because relating with friends who are fond of talking about women or men especially pertaining activities of the bedroom would most likely drag you back to such way of life. It is important therefore for you to do away with such friends, associate with friends who actually talk about more important things or more productive activities rather than talking about women or men.

2. Avoid Staying Completely Alone; speaking from experience, this is one of the most effective way of quitting this habit for good. Reduce the number of hours or time you spend indoors or alone as that can take you back to this habit. It is also important to note that, spending less time alone and spending time with people or friends who also have nothing important to discuss but such sexual things won’t change anything. You will only be running away from one temptation to meet another, it’s better you meet more serious minded individuals and spend more time with them discussing more important things than locking yourself indoors.

3. Avoid Hiding your Feelings From Any Girl Or Guy; this is another very important tip that can help you defeat this act. If you have feelings for any girl or guy whether at your work place or school, do well to confess your feelings for the person as that will ease you off the stress or temptation to think about such a person. Some people indulge in self gratification with the thoughts of the person they are either too scared of admitting their feelings to or someone they fancy so much but not able to approach either due to low self esteem or the fear of being rejected. One way of defeating this is, by improving yourself and quality of life and then expressing the way you feel to such a person to remove the weight off your mind.

4. Avoid Online Contents That Are Pornographic In Nature; there are numerous adult contents on the internet in this current age and time but you can cut the frequency at which you view such contents. One way to do this is staying away from adult websites and if possible avoid opening social media applications that grant you easy access to these adult images or videos at least till your will power has grown to a very reasonable extent.

5. Commit Your Ordeal In Prayers; this is actually a very important tip that many don’t believe in this current time. Prayers work wonders and your prayers should be for God to build your will power to resist the urge to view any adult content. Fight it with prayers not necessarily because the act itself is spiritual but because you need a very strong will power to defeat it for good.


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