Man recounts how he paid his girlfriend a surprise visit in December only to find her pregnant with another man’s child

While some have started their Christmas celebrations and others are getting ready to do same, a young man has however, shared a story of heartbreak which will always be reignited whenever December comes.

The Kenyan man simply identified as Alfred spoke to Tuko about how he tried to surprise his girlfriend for Xmas but instead met an even greater shock.

In December 2020, he travelled all the way from Nairobi to Kakamega in a bid to surprise her only to discover his girlfriend was pregnant for another man.

The young man said he was madly in love with the lady and used to give her gifts and money during courtship.

According to Alfred, he shared some intimate moments with her few months earlier before visiting her and was shocked to discover she was heavily pregnant.

“I met Mary (not her real name) from western somewhere in Kisumu and we dated for almost a year. Travelling all the way from Nairobi only to find her pregnant. We last had intercourse eight months before meeting again, but we used contraceptive,” he recalled.

The man said he was heartbroken and decided to move on, but she apologised so he pledged to help the child.

The baby girl is one and a half years old and he has been playing a fatherly role to her despite not being her biological dad.

“She apologised but because she was an orphan I promised to support her throughout till she deliver up to now,” he said.

Alfred added that he cannot date the lady again.


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