Man confronts his girlfriend for cheating days after throwing her a lavish birthday party (Video)

A relationship that was once the envy of the community on Ogbomosho, Oyo state, has come crashing due to allegations of infidelity.

A man has confronted his girlfriend for allegedly cheating on him just days after he went all out to celebrate her birthday party for her.

He reportedly spent over N500k to throw her a lavish birthday party which happened last week. She shared video from the occasion on TikTok and it even made her the talk of the area.

However, her man found out she was cheating with another guy who is said to have upgraded her status so he confronted her and took back the phone he bought for her.

In a video posted online, the boyfriend could be seen collecting the phone. Another slide shows the lavish birthday party he threw for her last week.

Watch video HERE


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