Check Out Photos of 3 Female Soldiers Who Look Different and Pretty Outside Their Military Uniforms

The military uniform is no doubt one of the most respected attire in the universe. A soldier, regardless of gender, age or bodily size is accorded a lot of respect when seen in his or her military outfit. Funny enough, many military personnel or soldiers become extremely different and appear less tough or fierce outside their military uniform.

As regarding this issue, we shall be looking at the photos of some American female soldiers in their military attire and non-military outfit – that might just surprise you on their level of transformation. No doubt, the non-military outfit of these female soldiers appear extremely attractive which might even cause you to think if they are actual soldiers or models. See them below.

1.    Lexx Jones:

Lexx Jones who is also known as Salutechi, is a popular soldier and lieutenant when it comes to the US military force. She is one personality who is heavily followed on her social media handles, most especially on Instagram for her amazing collection of photos. Below are more photos of her.


2.    Frantzcesca Casimir.

Frantzcesca Casimir is another beautiful and charming member of the US military that has outrightly made a name for herself with her amazing and stylish model-like photos. See her pictures below.


3.    Cire Traore.

Cire Traore who is the third person in our list, is no doubt a gorgeous and ebony skinned lady in the US army whose non-military appearance might just make you mistake her for a professional model. See photos of her below.

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