6 Factors That Can Increase Your Chances Of Having Twins Naturally

The prospect of twin conception can be enthralling. Twins or multiples can occur by chance (genetic reasons) or as a result of certain medical interventions. Identical twins can only occur through chance. However, certain circumstances may have an effect on the likelihood of conceiving fraternal twins. Several of the factors are listed below.


1. Genetics

Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “twins run in families.” This is just partially accurate. If you are a fraternal twin yourself or if fraternal twins run in your family, your chances of conceiving fraternal twins may be increased.

If you are a twin or if twins run in your family, your chances of having twins increase. However, if your partner is a twin or if their family has twins, this will have no effect on your odds of having or not having twins.

It is entirely dependent on the woman, as she is the one who creates the eggs. If you or your mother is a twin, your chances of having twins are very high. You may have an increased risk of hyperovulation (releasing two eggs during the ovulation process). Certain genes interact with hyperovulation, increasing the likelihood of non-identical twins.

2. Age

Are you above 35 years old? If you’re interested in having twins, you may strike gold if you’re also in your upper 30s or 40s.

According to the Mayo Clinic, older women have a greater likelihood of conceiving twins. As you approach menopause, hormonal changes may push the body to release more than one egg during ovulation. If two or more embryos are fertilised and both implant, your nursery may only require two cribs.

3. Weight

Women who are overweight or obese have an increased chance of naturally conceiving twins. According to a 2005 study that examined data from over 51,000 births in the United States, the likelihood of having a child is greatest if your body mass index (BMI) is greater than 30,

4. Height


Taller females appear to have a higher rate of twin pregnancy. This may sound unusual, but researchers attribute this possibility to a certain insulin-like growth factor.

5. Race

According to 2018 birth data in the United States, black women deliver twins at a higher rate than white women. However, Asian and Hispanic women had a lower rate of twin birth than the other ethnicities.

6. More pregnancies

If you have already had multiple pregnancies, you may have a high probability of producing twins. The probability of twins may also increase as the number of pregnancies increases.


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