5 Nigerian Celebrities Who Married Older Ladies


We cannot all marry someone who is our age mate or younger than us.


No ordinance prohibits a man from spending the rest of his life with an older woman. If you truly love someone, you will agree with me that age is just a number.

Some celebrities have done it, and it has worked for them. If you are considering following the same path, the following Nigerian male celebrities are to look up to.


Silver Ojieson got married to Ann Njemanze in 2013. Ann was a Nigerian actress and disclosed to reporters that she was five years older than him.

She is Segun Arinze’s former wife and walked down the aisle with Silver Ojieson after her divorce. She has managed to keep her marital life private. Ann has a beautiful daughter from her former marriage with Arinze.


Deola Ayeni got married to Dare Art-alade. Darey is a prominent Nigerian singer and composer. He’s also a judge for the Nigerian Idol project. He’s the son of a popular Nigerian performer, Art Alade.


Dare confirmed that his wife, Deola Ayeni, has been together for over 12 years and is eight years older than him. This couple has demonstrated that age is only a digit when you are in love.


Kaffy exchanged marital vows with Joseph Ameh, popularly known as “Pappy J,” in 2012. Kaffy is a famous Nigerian dancer, dance coach, and fitness trainer.


Joseph is eight years younger than her, and their marriage is blessed with two children.

Perri Shakes-Drayton walked down the aisle with Mike Edwards in 2019. Mike is three years younger than Perri.


Lola Omotayo exchanged marital vows with Peter Okoye, the popular Nigerian singer, on November 17th, 2013. Their marriage was a luxurious ceremony.


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