Nigerian man set to share N400k as Christmas gift to 20 women who sweep main roads

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal the charitable cause he intends to embark on in the spirit of Christmas.

The man with Twitter handle @hackSultan said he will be taking 20 envelopes containing N20,000 each to women whose work is to sweep main roads.

He then shared photos of the money totaling N400,000 neatly packaged inside brown envelopes as he headed out to distribute it.

He wrote;

”My mind is telling me to bundle 20 20k inside envelop like 100 bundles and be going to expressways to give those women in uniform who sweep the main roads.

These women who sweep the road side would get a good Xmas gift tomorrow. #15kXMas”

See his post and more photos:


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