Twitter users not pleased with how this 52 year old woman is dressing, leaving many speechless.

Times have changed a lot. The way things were done years back is not the same that things are done now. We are moving with the times and approaching things very differently. It’s a good thing and also a bad one because it means that we are losing certain things.

Many people have now dedicated their lives into gym and working out. Which means the way a person looks will not be their age because as you workout, you look fit and young. The more young you look and feel, the more the attire changes.



A twitter user shared pictures of a 52 year old who looks very fit so much that she doesn’t look 52. She was not admired for being healthy and working out. But for how she was dressed. Twitter users were not happy with the look. Some commented saying she must dress her age. Well technically speaking that’s not how a South African 52 year old is expected to dress.









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