Six Footballers Who Have Gone Bankrupt After Retirement

It is important for football players to have a financial education in order to manage money wisely. Beckham was smart about this and built his own business empire. But there are those who cannot properly manage their money, and after the end of their careers they go bankrupt.

These are the six footballers who went broke:

1. Asamoah Gyan



Asamoah Gyan was a talented footballer, but he abandoned the European leagues in search of greener pastures.

Asamoah earned a lot, but was unable to properly spend this money. Gyan often bought expensive unnecessary things, and then decided to found his own airline. But the project was not successful and the player lost a lot of money. Also, the situation was worsened by the divorce from his wife, after which he lost his last money.

2. David James


David James is an English goalkeeper who played in many Premier League clubs during his career and earned a lot. James became bankrupt in 2014. It all started in 2005 when the former English goalkeeper divorced his wife and lost a large portion of his money. Over time, the financial situation of James got worse, and in 2014 he lost his last penny.

3. Paul Merson



While playing In the 90s, Paul Merson made a lot of money. Merson spent most of his career at Arsenal, but also played for other teams. The footballer ended his career in 2006, and a few years later he went bankrupt.

Albeit Alcohol and women played a big role in this, the main reason he lost a lot of fortune was because of bets. Fortunately, Merson was able to defeat betting addiction and does not play anymore.

4. Eric Djemba-Djemba



Former Cameroon footballer who played for Manchester United Djemba-Djemba made a name for himself in Nantes, before making a move to Manchester United.

However, his career was not successful, and the footballer himself soon became bankrupt. Like many African footballers, Djemba-Djemba spent a lot of money on unnecessary things. He had no control over the funds, so after the end of his career, his money ran out.

5.Celestine Babayaro



The Nigerian footballer is remembered for his performance for Chelsea, and also played for Anderlecht and Newcastle. Celestine earned £ 35,000 a week, a high salary at the time. But after the end of his career, he lasted only 3 years, and he went bankrupt. The reason is buying expensive things and poor money management.

6. Paul Gascoigne



Gascoigne was one of the finest England footballers of his day, but failed to fulfill his potential. Gascoigne had a passion for alcohol and drugs. It was drugs and alcohol that played a key role in Gascoigne’s life, and Paul eventually went bankrupt. One of the talented English footballers became homeless.


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