Portable’s manager kicks him out of his house for dragging Poco Lee (Video)

The manager of buzzing street-hop singer Portable, has kicked him out of his house for calling out popular dancer and hypeman Poco Lee over claims of intellectual property & monetary theft.

Popular show promoter, Kogbagidi, has been the one managing the Zazuu star ever since he shot into limelight.

He has also been housing Portable, pending when they are able to get new accommodation for him.

Taking to his Instagram page, Kogbagidi shared a video where he was seen telling Portable to leave the premises for calling out Poco Lee.

He said that he expected the singer to have used his common sense before going online to make the allegation.

”Unruly and unprofessional conduct is always expected from upcoming. You can never tell what goes on in the mind or head. Am shocked and embarrassed at this point. Do I need to fix your career and your head at the same time?” he wrote in the clip posted.

Watch video HERE


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