Incredible Facts that you don’t know about left handed people

Here are Facts that you don’t know about left handed people

1. 15% of the world population are left handed.

2. There are twice as many left handed men than left handed women.

3. Most of the left handed people have musical abilities and perfect hearing.

4. Forty percent of the gold medals 🏅 in boxing are won by left handed people.

5. Among people with higher education left handed are 26% richer than right handed.

6. If both parents are left handed there is 50% Chance for their children to be left handed.

7. Left handed people use their right hand more than right handed people use their left hand.

8. Only 50% of left handed people use computer mouse with their left hand

9. 4 out of 5 people that develop Mac book are left handed.

10. Left handed people have amazing handwriting than right handed people

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