Netizens have reacted surprisingly to a video of socialite Steph Shojaee being gifted a private jet and a branded carpet as an early Christmas gift wishing they all had someone like her husband.

Steph Shojaee shared a video of how her husband of 11yrs surprised her with a private jet and a branded carpet in her name as a Christmas gift expressing gratitude showing how much she love the gift given her.

Netizen reacting to the video prayed that this is the kind of life they wish for themselves where they will be spoiled with expensive gifts as Steph Shojaee while others make a mockery of our female celebrities who think having nyash is everything in this life.

Who doesn’t want a better life, and that is what almost everyone reacting to the video of Steph Shojaee praying for and some even decided to make a joke out of it saying this one passes God When that they’ve been praying for.

OMG!! The most insane gift 🎁✈️ @mrmasoudshojaee I love you 🎄 11 years later and you still manage to surprise me! I love my carpet too 😊

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