3 Reasons Why Your Private Areas Are Dark And How To Reduce The Chances Of It Getting Darker



No matter how fair a person you are, there is no way, your private areas can be as fair as you look. This is a universal or rather general fact that has thrown many into wondering why it is so, some people even believe it’s because we are blacks but this is untrue as even whites have their private areas as darker than the entire body complexion.

So then why is this so? In this article, we are going to have a look at some reasons why your private areas are dark and how to reduce the chances of it getting darker. I know you must have at one point or the other wondered why your private areas are dark but worry no more, as this article is going to answer some hidden questions. Just sit tight and enjoy this article.

Why Are Your Private Areas Darker Than Your body Complexion?



It is important to note that, the private areas are; the anus, private organ area i.e. groin or labia in a woman and the surrounding environment within this areas. But then below are some of the reasons why they are always dark or darker than our overall complexion.

1. Hormone; there are certain hormones responsible for this. The skin contains certain cells known as melanocytes which are responsible for the formation of melanin. In the genital area, the melanocytes are sensitive to hormones. The private areas often get darker in response to changing hormones over time according to the information on healthline. These hormonal changes take place either during puberty, pregnancy or aging generally. For example, estrogen is a hormone that is capable of causing darker pigments in certain private areas like anus, areola, labia etc.

2. Friction; another reason for this condition though not a condition in the right sense of condition is increased friction in the private areas. An increased friction can lead to potential for melanocyte hyperactivity. Friction either during intimacy can all lead to higher pigmentation due to more melanin production in the private areas thus making these private areas dark.



3. Aging Process; as a person ages, there is every likelihood that his or her private areas would get darker. Reason being that there has been numerous hormonal changes and also the aging process itself. It has pass through trauma, hormonal changes and natural aging process, so it’s bound to get darker. This is another inevitable cause of darker private areas that should not be given much attention since you are growing older.

In as much as it is a harmless and completely normal process, you may feel insecure about it especially if you are still in your prime. So below are some ways of reducing your chance of the private areas getting dark.

1. You can avoid pigmentation that is caused by friction, by avoiding tight-fitting clothing and undies.

2. Avoid hair removal process that involves shaving or waxing because they are capable of causing folliculitis and inflammation which can end up causing more darkening of the areas.

3. Thirdly, keep your skin moisturized enough and put on undies that allow air to get into your private areas. Though darkening can also happen at other areas other than the private areas.

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