A trending video we have sighted captured the moment Wizkid

was performing at the Abuja #WizkidLiveInConcert.

During the performance, some fans grabbed his legs and refused to let them go causing some uproar on social media.

They held it so tight that it took the intervention of some security personnel around to let them order prevail.

Watch the video below;


Some of the reactions are;

faz_spot – Gen Z things😂😂😂😂

oma_precious – Me when I finally find the loml😂😂😂. The boy strong oo

tarah_yemi – Them suppose knack am 2by2 😂

dharlu_ – They always harass the LOML🙂

preshroyce_ – the day I go see am…That day na Army go stop me ooo😂😂

skippyfunds – Nah why dem no deh perform for naija 😂

t_omotoyosi – Una wan break him leg

house_of_jade_13 – Person Boifrd 🤦🏼‍♀️

reese_glams – What is happening here,first it’s Daddy G.O now this not funny anymore,ona won wound person..

javena_green – They even messed up this sweatpants 😢😂😂. My poor Wizkid 😍😍

__geepee – I love wiz.. he still asked they should bring that guy on stage

pharmwendy – That leg doesn’t have spare o! 😂😂 they shouldn’t break it for us