Unmarried women above 30 are the ones who prom

A Nigerian woman has stirred controversy on social media with her comment about the category of women who embrace feminism the most.

She said that women who are 30 years and above practice and promote feminism because they are yet to get a husband at their age.

Taking to Twitter, the married woman with handle @honilatte_ wrote; ”Na those ones wey don reach 30 something plus wey never see husband dey do feminism.

I’m happily married before you call me pick me. #SayNoToBitterness”

See her post and some comments below:

@DeCryptoLord; To find husband no easy. If it is in their power most women no go dey reach 30 marry. The society has structured it that it is man that will propose. “Will you marry me” no be cheap word. Some hear it once in a lifetime, some hear it regularly but the suitors isn’t what they want

@Favone_; What of ones that are above 40 and married that are doing it? The under 30 that are on it nko? What about some that are within the age bracket that are not married that speak against it?

@OlubunmiFamuyiw; I do think feminism beyond social media, age or status. It has happened to all women as long as they’re educated. That’s putting into consideration that education of girls was discouraged at some point.

@kweenOla22; Shey dem never come for you sha? Dem go soon call you “pick me”.

@OkokonSuper; I’m 30 plus, I no see husband, I don’t do feminism, in fact I detest it.. Author Chimamanda is married with a kid, she is doing feminism.. It’s all about how people understand life not not “30s wey no see husband”

@a2tobi; No even the younger ones that don’t even know what it means that do it the most. Even some of these girls have it on their bio like sugar in chocolate

@Justendy; Immediately serious guy man come, dem go enter kitchen.

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