Cassper Nyovest bought N103 million car despite not having certificate – Unemployed graduate wonders if school is a scam


A young unemployed South African lady simply known as Precious has wondered if having an education is indeed the key to success.

The Accounting graduate used South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest as a case study on how someone can succeed without even going to the university.


She stated that Cassper, who does not have a certificate was able to buy a car worth R4m (N103m) whereas people with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree like herself are still struggling to get a job.

Precious wrote; ”Cassper Nyovest without a Matric Certificate bought a R4 Million car and some of us with Degrees and Masters are even struggling to get a Job with our qualifications. I thought Education was the key to Success?


PS: I am one of those struggling Degree holders. But while i am struggling to secure a nice Job, i am busy with my side hustle which is being a Brand influencer.”

See the tweet:

Her post generated mixed reactions on Twitter with some explaining that some of the rich people on earth are degree holders.

@AdvocateMpohla said; What do you define as success? A R4m car? Education is about empowering and developing human potential. We made it purely about building a labour force. There is no one single “KEY” to success. And yes education is one of those keys, “Education” not a Degree.


@hazel_mahazard tweeted; This world is such a confusing place for people who did high grade maths and science and were suppose to be astronauts.

@SimplyKaymow commented; There are people with degrees and masters who own those cars and are not famous.

@Mduduzi_77 replied; A degree only can never make you drive that car in SA, a degree pays u between 230k-380 per year in SA and some are struggling to get a bond house that work 700-900k so imagine 4 million car

@BigboiTamane; Did you know that the most wealthiest people on earth don’t have a degree?…some are not even matriculated. Its not what you feed your brain, but how you use it…


@ou_krok; The thing you graduates don’t understand is that having a degree doesn’t make you financially smart

School won’t teach you how money really works and how it can be leveraged to create wealth, school teaches you how to be an employee. The “school-success” narrative is a scam

@Ntru36; Most of Masters and PHD gangs are domkop, the only thing that they know best is to speak big english, study and pass PERIOD. Don’t take them too seriously!!!

@greatminds_sa; When are we going to stop equating material things to success? Real power is intellectual knowledge. That’s is why you buying goods from the West & East. Let him be a proud consumer. Africa will remain poor!

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