Ladies, Here are 7 tips to help you stop sweating in your armpits.

While hot weathers can be extremely harsh and damaging to the skin, your underarms take a severe beating in particular. As the temperature rises, issues such as body smell become more common. This is why many of us feel self-conscious about wearing lovely sleeveless dresses that demand to be worn in the sun.


Uncontrollable underarm sweating can be very frustrating. From the discomfort of sweat running down your sides, to the embarrassment of obvious sweat stains, to the fear of being “discovered”. Excessive sweating almost never causes physical harm, but the social and emotional effect on a person can be very serious

Here are some ways to prevent underarm sweat:

1. Shower or bathe regularly: Bacteria on your skin can cause foul armpits from old sweat. Before this happens, take a daily shower to wash away the sweat. Using a soft cloth, pat your armpits dry. Scrubbing too hard can cause your skin to get stressed and sweat excessively.


2. Wear antiperspirant deodorant: Ordinary deodorant merely covers odor. You’ll need an antiperspirant product to avoid wetting your clothes. You can use this before going to bed and again when you wake up, or after you’ve dried off from your shower.


3. Reduce sweat triggers: Many people suffer from excessive sweating, for genetic or hormonal reasons. Whatever the cause, certain foods and substances can worsen the problem. Consider the following changes if they are part of your daily habits:

Quit smoking or other nicotine sources.

Reduce your alcohol intake and stop consuming caffeine


4. Drink enough water: Whenever you feel hot or thirsty, drink a glass of cool water. This will bring your internal temperature down, so your body won’t have to lower it more by sweating.


5. Dress Strategically: Our wardrobe changes with the weather and with varied life situations. When it’s hot, we wear light, and when it’s cold, we dress heavy. Excessive sweating affects the majority of people regardless of the weather, their attire, or the event. As a result, we must be clever about how we dress in order to reduce sweat while still concealing it.

Sweat can be reduced by dressing in light, breathable fabrics with plenty of ventilation. It’s a great alternative, even if it’s not always successful or appropriate.

6. Wear clothes that hide excessive sweat: If you can’t stop it, hide it by keeping your light blues, grays, and solid brights in the closet because they will always reveal your sweaty side. Sweat is best concealed by dark blues, black, dark colors, and confusing patterns. Sweatshirts and jackets are also useful for concealing your sweating secret

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