Three slay queens pay the price after sleeping with five men.



A disturbing audio has been circulating on WhatsApp. In it, a man (traditional doctor) speaks about 3 young ladies who came to see him in the early hours of the morning for consultation. These ladies are slay queens who like partying and drinking but they don’t have money.

They alleged that there is a house in Block5 Gaborone where five rich men who drive expensive fancy cars reside and three of them are Nigerians. They spent the whole weekend in that house and those men took turns to sleep with each of the girls. They paid them P5000 each.

After a few days, all the ladies started experiencing excruciating pelvic pains which appeared to have affected the bladder. The traditional healer explained how their discharge turned from red to green.

When one of the girls called them to tell them that there were in pain, they were called names, and one man said it’s not their problem and they should use the money they gave them to buy coffins.

These men drive around offering unsuspecting girls rides then exchange numbers, later they will call you to visit them and to bring a couple of friends which seems quite regular.






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