Common mistakes that consume your cooking gas faster than normal

About two years ago, a liter of cooking gas cost about N500. That price has nearly doubled as it stands at eight hundred naira currently.

Common mistakes that consume your cooking gas faster than normal

Despite being so expensive, cooking gas is the most efficient, safest, and cleanest source of heat for cooking. The others, well, have their numerous let-downs.

The million-dollar question now is how do we manage our cooking gas in order to enjoy it longer? Below are two mistakes you must avoid to make the most out of your cooking gas.

  1. Adding excessive water to foods being parboiled
If you’ve ever cooked rice, you should be familiar with this point. First, you have to wash the rice, parboil it, wash again to drain the starch, then let to boil. Very simple process, isn’t it?

However, many people make a mistake in that second step. Parboiling doesn’t require a lot of water. So putting excessive water during the parboil stage would not only prolong the cooking time, but also waste precious cooking gas.

It would prove a waste of cooking gas because you would still end up sieving out the water before proper cooking. In that light, only a moderate amount of water should be used for parboiling.

2.Trying to juggle activities while cooking

It’s not uncommon to see people do something else while cooking. And it’s very bad.

Many people would put water on fire, either for cooking or other domestic uses, and leave it to boil. While they’re trying their hands at other things, the water may begin to boil, and keep boiling for a long time before they remember to check on it.

At this point, more cooking gas would have been consumed unnecessarily. And if made a habit, your cooking gas may finish faster than it’s supposed to.

Therefore, in the long run, it pays to pay attention while using cooking gas, especially when it involves boiling water.


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