Singer Wizkid has called on his suya boys to get ready for him when he arrives in Lagos as he orders suya worth 1M and that shows how much he loves and misses their suya.

Wizkid loves suya and he has made that clear and this post of his shows that he doesn’t enjoy suya he eats outside Lagos and that has made him miss it so much that he wants some worth N1M to enjoy with his team.

Wizkid posted saying once he lands in Lagos, he needs N1M worth of suya and he called on his boys Isa and Mohammed to be normal for him because he’s coming back to enjoy their suya as he has missed it very much.

This post of Wizkid also discloses that he’s going back to Nigeria very soon since it’s been a while he left Nigeria for Ghana and then to Europe and now he’s going back home to enjoy the suya he has always loved.

But then, if Wizkid alone is ordering N1M worth of suya for himself and probably his team, will there be any suya for those who will be going out to enjoy themselves with suya just like him as it appears he’s taking everything for himself?

screenshot below;