Lady born with two reproductive organs opens up as she gives birth

Madam Elizabeth was born with two vaginas, two ovaries, two wombs

While growing up, she had a lot of complications, a lot of vaginal infections, ovarian cancer, and other cancerous infections

She was told she would never be able to bear a child

She grew up devastated and sad and broken

She sought a lot of medical help because of the different occurrences and challenges she had to face

She lived as though she would have never lived

She got married and years into the marriage she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl

It took her a while to actually tell the story because she felt stigmatized

But she summoned courage to do so and she opened up about her state and how she was born

How she was able to overcome depression, shame and live life to the fullest also encouraging those who have an unusual life to live life also.

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